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We’re building tools to help you have more fun with mojis
and gifs in your favorite workspaces like Slack and Discord.

Slash commands currently supported:

Drop a /mojibomb!
Add extra emphasis by “bombing” the channel with just enough mojis to make a point without overwhelming everyone.
Anyone? Anyone? /Bueller?
Don’t you hate it when you ask a question and then just sit there, waiting for a response? Channel your inner Ben Stein.
Woo-hoo! /homer
Need some profound words of wisdom from everyone's favorite animated dad? Get ready for some "d'oh"-lightful quotes!
That's what she said! /michaelscott
Need some cringe-worthy, yet hilarious quotes to lighten up the office? Get ready for Michael Scott's wisdom (or lack thereof)!
Do or do not. There is no try. /yoda
Need a touch of Yoda's timeless wisdom in your life? Let his cryptic sayings guide you on your journey, young Padawan.
Emojify your world! /mojitext
Tired of bland text? Unlock a world of colorful expression and bring your messages to life with the magical transformation of emojis.
More to come...
This is just the beginning. moji.studio will continue to grow and become more powerful as we add new commands across more platforms.

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